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Restaurant Review: Famoso Neapolitan Pizza Bloor Street

In recent years I discovered a love for neapolitan style pizza. There has been a growing number of restuarants in Toronto that claim to serve "Neapolitan" style pizza. This is an actual type of pizza originating from Italy with rules set by the Associazione Vera Pizza Napoletana. Some of these rules include the type of ingredients that the dough should be made of, to what temperature it should be cooked at and what type of wood should be burning. 

Anyways Famoso is a franchise that started to open around the GTA including bloor street, Yorkdale, and one opening in Waterloo this coming Summer with a majority of its locations in Alberta. 

The Famoso is located at 386 Bloor St W  Toronto, ON M5S 1X4 right across from the BMV bookstore. The staff are very friendly and welcoming! 

As soon as you walk in you see the array of wine on the shelves and the gelato stand. If I am not mistaken the gelato are all made in house. Don't quote me on that! You then choose a spot to sit at. Every Famoso has an open concept kitchen where you can see your pizza being made and placed in the beautiful wood burning oven. 

One of the things that differentiates Famoso from other Italian restaurants is the ordering technique. You look at the menu which has a good amount of items to dig into. You then write on the order pad what you want to order starting with appetizers of course and so on. You then bring your order sheet to the cash and you order what you want and you can either pay at the cash right then and there or after you finish your meal. They will then bring your food out when it is ready. The 3 of us: My grandma, mom, and I are all pretty hungry so we first started off with the Famoso Salad.

Famoso Salad
The Famoso Salad has lettuce, proscuitto, cherry tomatoes, salami, bits of chicken, feta, and an AMAZINGGGG dijon-balsamic vinaigrette. The dijon balsamic vinaigrette is really what holds this dish together. All the different elements do add really nice flavours and textures like the juicy little chicken bits, and the crumbly feta with the chewiness of the spicy salami. It all works well together. We had no problem finishing this salad. It's a great appetizer to share with friends or.... by yourself. Anyways before I forget to mention Kelly was our server and she was great. She filled our glasses without us ever having to ask. I give major points to restaurants where the servers satisfy our needs before we even realize we have one. 

Another point worth mentioning is the washrooms. They are located in the back down a flight of stairs. The washrooms are spotless and extremely clean. My one iffy thing about dining at restaurants is the washrooms. Some restaurants couldn't care less about the washrooms but to me if you don't care about how the washrooms look like, I can't imagine how the kitchen would look like. A clean washroom to me is a good indication of a clean kitchen! 

We ordered 3 different types of pizza: Margherita, Vesuvio, and Funghi Tartufo. I love the margherita pizza cause its simple and a classic neapolitan pizza. The vesuvio is basically the same as the margherita except it has spicy soppressata and chili flakes. I love my food spicy. Some people like it burning their tongue that they can't taste anything, me on the other hand enjoy food with a hint of spice that I could feel a tingling but not have my tongue on fire.

                   Funghi Tartufo

The Funghi Tartufo had really great flavours and textures with the different sized mushrooms and the shaved parmagiano reggiano.

Margherita Pizza

 All of these pizzas were fantastic. The margherita simple with an amazing flavourful tomato sauce and the crunchy basil. The crusts are all simply wonderful. The crust for the pizza is thin and chewy. It is not like the thick crusted dough like pizza pizza. This is perfection and how pizzas should be done!

The Vesuvio pizza is one that I always order whenever I am dining at Famoso on Bloor street or at Yorkdale. I love the little kick the Spicy Soppresata gives to this dish. Simply amazing.

I definitely recommend you all to try Famoso pizza on Bloor street if you are in the neighbourhood; specifically those who have never tried Neapolitan style pizza. I would definitely go back. The servers were also all very friendly. The manager thanked us for coming and everything. Kelly was a great server. There was also another server who came by our table who had an amazing smile and checked on how everything was. Anyways definitely check out Famoso! 


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